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If you click on the Mart Room image below, you may see the currently assigned tables

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Information for Dealers & Table Holders

No Dollies or Carts: Are Available for table holder setup. Please bring your own. Volunteers may be available at the loading docks to help setup tables.

Safety: Please check your table before setting up and verify that all table and chairs are in good condition and all table legs are in the fully locked position. Please report any issues to the Mart Chairman immediately. Do not attempt on-site repairs.

The National Convention, NAWCC, Inc., its officers, directors and members are not responsible or liable for any damage to merchandise resulting from a defective, damaged, or unassembled table.

Help Bring New members to the National Convention!

All members are encouraged to bring your friends, family & neighbors to the NAWCC National Convention to raise interest in Clocks, Watches, & Networking with fellow collectors. Special introductory rate is available for new, first time members.
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You may either:
register on line
Or download the registration form by clicking on the image below and mailing it with a check to the address on the form.

Sales Tax at NAWCC Events

Sale taxes are levied by some state and local governments. This legislation applies to all sales conducted at NAWCC events in compliance with these state and local laws. The obligation to collect sales tax has no relation to whether the Mart is open to the public or only to NAWCC members.

Unless specifically exempt the fact that the sponsoring entity is a not-for-profit entity, including 501(c)(3) or any other designated tax-free entity, does not negate the requirement to collect sales tax and render it to the appropriate government agency. It is the responsibility of each individual conducting retail sales, including Mart table owners, to provide the required licensing, documentation, and taxes collected to the applicable tax agency. The NAWCC cannot and will not be held responsible for action taken by any government agency against those not complying with government regulations.

Table Top Cases and Safes

The NAWCC is once again partnering with World Wide Traders who will have both table top display cases and safes available for rental.

If you are selling at the WWT Event and want to keep your table when the NAWCC show opens, please include your WWT information when registering.