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George Jones pinwheel wall regulator 58 inches, Center Sweep Seconds, Thick Plates, Front or Rear Mount Weight
German Porcelain Clock ca. 1880, Wood Plate T/S/A Weight Driven Clock
German Louvre Anniversary Torsion Clock
Seth Thomas Regulator No. 11, 56 in. Tall, 12 in. Dial, Graham Esc.
S. C. Spring 8 day T&S Column Model, Weight driven 8 day T&S 31 in. high
Self Winding Clock Company Allegheny, 18 in. Marble Dial Bronze Numerals and Trim
Upson Brothers Meriam Iron Front, Painted Decorations, Mother of Pearl Inserts, 8 day time and strike, 12 in. high, 5 in. dial
Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn Cobalt Blue
French Shield Clock, Novelty Clock
Large Harp French clock with Cherubs
Ansonia "Symbol" Crystal Regulator (17" tall)
Bronze French Silk String with Soldier on horse
Bronze French Statue Clock with Medieval Fighting Soldiers
Jennings Brothers Crystal Regulator
3 Novelty clocks
3 American Clocks
2 Brass French clocks. One time only, 2nd time & strike
Seth Thomas No. 2 with Ball Watch Co. dial
Waterbury No. 20 Regulator
Watch clock w/motion work under dome. The horse & rider turn when the clock is running, clock runs-not sure of origin or age. It looks old?
German 1960's Picture Coo Coo Clock
Miniature Cuckoo Clock ca. 1900
Miniature Wood Dial Cuckoo Clock, Wood Plates, Germany
Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock No. 16 8 Day, Westminster chime on 4 bells, 18-1/2" high, in running condition.
Miniature Porcelain Dial Clock ca. 1860's, T/S/A with Original Weights
3 French Carriage Clocks
Miniature Jockele type Porcelain Dial Clock, ca 1870's Time & Alarm
Wood Dial Clock Miniature, ca. 1880's wood plates
Seth Thomas No. 10 double dial calendar
German R-A Wall Clock with strike on gong. Restored, mvt cleaned and bushed.
Waterbury 800 Hall Clock. Quarter strike on 2 weights. In good shape.
Unusual Kroeber Oak Mantel Clock with Gallery, original embossed mvt. Appropriate dial is replacement. Cleaned and running.
Tiffany Oval Crystal Regulator. Tiffany stamped on movement.
Eli Terry & Sons Pillar & Scroll, complete with excellent label
Seth Thomas Chime Clock No. 58, 5 Bell Sonora Chime
Late 1700's Austrian Picture Frame Clock. Grand Sonnerie w/ Silk thread Suspension
Waterbury Regulator No. 20 8 Day, time only with 2 weights, 38" high, runs but stops after several hours.
ingraham store regulator advertising Winchester Rifles.Ca. 1915 G.R.O
Servant Call Panel with Seth Thomas Clock, marked "Detroit Electric" on dial 8 Day, time only with 2 mainsprings, balance wheel movement, 22" high, in running condition.
Seth Thomas "Lincoln" Shelf Clock 8 Day, hour strike on gong, 27-1/2" high, non-original weights, in running condition
New Haven Glenor. 100% original circa 1912. in g.r.o.
SETH THOMAS #2, WALNUT, CIRCA 1875, G.R.O high, in running condition.